Heartful Human - Day 3

Day 3:

  • Returning to the heart is the remedy for our cultural dissatisfaction.
  • Opening to the heart not only reveals more joy and excitement, but also any sadness or grief or pain we've been suppressing. 
  • My Brother's death taught me about the fragility of life and how important it is to live a beautiful life.
  • This may be our only life... Let's not waste it.

Heartful Human - Day 2

Day 2:

I asked men in the sauna what their understanding of living in the heart was... Their answers and the resulting conversations were inspiring...

  • The Heart is the place of the True Self.
  • Being challenged by the growing pains of personal development can cause a person to remove from the Heart.
  • Going so far into the heart can be beautiful and yet possibly un-grounding.
  • Perhaps there is magic out in the extremities of being heart-centered and this romantic notion is worth exploring.

Heartful Human - Day 1

Day 1:

  • The realization that the heart is in the present moment... Not tomorrow or yesterday.
  • Opening my heart to what I want to be doing in a given moment can feel chaotic and yet exiting and liberating.
  • I feel better today than I have in weeks even though I didn't really get much done. (Actually, I ended up getting much done this day).