We Need More Good Men Standing Up

In the wake of the beautiful and necessary movements like #Metoo, there is a danger that men and masculine energy can begin to be increasingly demonized. The best men I know have been reluctant to speak out, for fear of offending and being ostracized if they say something that is at all counter to the common perspective.

It is incredibly important at this time for Good Men to stand up, speak up, and be examples for what it means to be good men holding the healthy masculine energy.

It is also important for our collective image of men and masculine energy to be held in high regard and honored for it's innate beauty when wielded in a good way.

The more we do, the more it will grow in the world and the more we will actually create a sustainable cultural shift.

Sean-Patrick Maher - Fulfillment Coach

Sean-Patrick Maher is committed to supporting people in living a fulfilling life by rediscovering their purpose, passion, and power.