Heartful Human - Day 7

Day 7:

  • Witnessing synchronicity has me imagine what the world might be like if we all lived from a heartful place without fear and scarcity. 
  • When we are living from our hearts, we begin to seek more solid alignment and are more willing to share because we hold less scarcity.
  • Question: Where does fear live in us? I have a sense that it is mostly in our heads.
  • I am hoping to create a less abstract and more tangible understanding and representation of what it means to be more heartful.
  • At the end of the first week, I am enjoying a whole host of positive benefits from more joy, fulfillment, and play to more creativity, alignment, and overall happiness.
  • Something powerful is happening in this process and I am committed to continuing down this pathway.

Sean-Patrick Maher - Fulfillment Coach

Sean-Patrick Maher is committed to supporting people in living a fulfilling life by rediscovering their purpose, passion, and power.