We Need More Good Men Standing Up

In the wake of the beautiful and necessary movements like #Metoo, there is a danger that men and masculine energy can begin to be increasingly demonized. The best men I know have been reluctant to speak out, for fear of offending and being ostracized if they say something that is at all counter to the common perspective.

It is incredibly important at this time for Good Men to stand up, speak up, and be examples for what it means to be good men holding the healthy masculine energy.

It is also important for our collective image of men and masculine energy to be held in high regard and honored for it's innate beauty when wielded in a good way.

The more we do, the more it will grow in the world and the more we will actually create a sustainable cultural shift.

Celebrating Obstacles

Celebrate the Obstacles... 
It means you're getting closer to your goal!


Obstacles and challenges are an inevitable part of our journey toward creation...

For many, these can be met with dread and fear... 

Sometimes, these obstacles can even derail our entire process...

But what if we reframe it...?

What if we viewed these challenges as a sign that we are closer today than we were yesterday...?

From this optimistic and even inspired perspective, perhaps we would be able to find generative solutions more readily and keep up our momentum!

Celebrate your obstacles and keep going!

You may be closer to the next breakthrough than you realize!

One Step

What would the world be like if we each took just one step toward the dream or calling we carry in our heart?

How would that impact the world?

What is the cost of keeping it locked away?

If you have a sense of something greater living in your heart, and yet you feel fear about stepping into it... Then you are on the right track!

Heartful Human - Day 7

Day 7:

  • Witnessing synchronicity has me imagine what the world might be like if we all lived from a heartful place without fear and scarcity. 
  • When we are living from our hearts, we begin to seek more solid alignment and are more willing to share because we hold less scarcity.
  • Question: Where does fear live in us? I have a sense that it is mostly in our heads.
  • I am hoping to create a less abstract and more tangible understanding and representation of what it means to be more heartful.
  • At the end of the first week, I am enjoying a whole host of positive benefits from more joy, fulfillment, and play to more creativity, alignment, and overall happiness.
  • Something powerful is happening in this process and I am committed to continuing down this pathway.

Heartful Human - Day 6

Day 6:

  • I received a proof of concept this morning from FaceBook in the form of a video that reminded me of a time I was following my heart so fully that my dream came true!
  • When we follow our heart, there becomes room for some kind of magical possibilities to unfold.. Perhaps it's magical manifestation or perhaps is Brain Priming.
  • "I know" creates barriers, where as "I don't know (but I'm willing to learn) opens more connection.
  • The way of the heart is more abstract and spiraled rather than concrete and linear... I must relinquish my need to control everything!

Heartful Human - Day 5

Day 5:

  • In my dream, I spoke of a heart-guided person as being more prone to 'No' than 'Yes' as they begin to honor their truest heart's desire more and more.
  • When we empower our 'No', or 'Yes' becomes much more powerful.
  • From a spiritual viewpoint, overthinking is a symptom of a predominant ego. When we step more into our divinity (through our hearts), we can let go of the overthinking.
  • I feel my heart closing in challenging conversations with my beloved which lends itself to defensiveness and separation versus connection and healing.

Heartful Human - Day 4

Day 4: ('Tapping' is short for Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • My heart is the gateway to feeling my whole body.
  • Abundance & Success are the natural result of following one's heart!
  • Being more in my heart has me desiring to feel more of the richness of life either through my own experiences or through the connection to hearts of others.