Life Begins

In The Heart

Of Feeling





Imagine what is possible for your life when your heart is fully healed and activated in the world… When you express yourself and your truth with clarity, presence, and purpose… When your heart, body, mind, and spirit are in absolute alignment…

With its emphasis on intellectualism, our modern culture robs us of the awesome power that is available through the integration of our whole selves as expressed through our hearts. Our minds are becoming overrun by a constant swarm of fears, doubts, and projections that lead us down an unstable path toward a future of a continued destructive paradigm.

The heart is our compass on the journey toward a Regenerative Culture.

We must begin to quiet the mind by returning to our hearts and bodies and opening ourselves to deeper levels of possibility, experience, and fulfillment. In doing so, we gain greater reign over our lives and begin to live into our highest expression.

Are you ready to live a more authentic, aligned, expressed, and fulfilled life?



Sean Patrick Maher is a Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, and Writer focused on the deepest levels of human transformation. His interest and studies have spanned a wide range of influence from vibrational therapies and energy healing, to emotional intelligence and relational skills, to personal empowerment and unconscious body-mind reprogramming. 

No matter where his explorations lead him, his focus is always on the wholistic healing and transformation of each person he works with. Sean Patrick compassionately supports clients to ventures courageously into their challenges inviting a deep and honest look at the conditioning that holds them back from living fully self-actualized.

Sean Patrick works with people who are feeling stuck in bringing their life’s vision to fruition. He helps them transform their unconscious limitations so they can activate their power and bring their vision to life.

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R. Maddox

"When it comes to deep coaching, Sean Patrick is the real deal. After almost a year, he continues to amaze me with his insight, intuition, and ability to illuminate my ‘blind spots’ while also having me feel safe and loved during our work together.

As a gay man, I have never felt like I belonged in my own community and have had very few gay friends. It has been a source of deep pain for almost 4 decades. With Sean Patrick’s guidance through my painful past experiences and misguided limiting beliefs, I am now not only making quality gay male friends for the first time in my life, but I’ve also discover a clear desire and vision of being an influential leader in my community. Words cannot express how excited I feel about this massive shift in my life!

I am experiencing true transformation through my work with Sean Patrick. He has made such an impact in my life and I am eternally grateful!"


Amber T.

"I met Sean Patrick when I was finding it hard to speak up for my self in my relationships and professional life.

Sean Patrick was super supportive and made me feel incredibly relaxed. He created a very safe space where I could explore my voice in many aspects while feeling like I was in complete control with his assistance and guidance throughout.  

Afterwards, I felt incredibly liberated! I noticed I wasn’t scared to speak up for myself in situations I normally would have been. I also had a boost of confidence to know I could literally do anything I put my mind to with assistance and support of someone invested in me succeeding. 

Sean Patrick had the incredible ability to listen and understand what I needed and helped me move to the next level. I will continue to go to him as a mentor and coach and I highly recommend anyone to start a conversation with him if they are wanting someone to help them take their talents and dreams and create a plan to not only improve themselves, but make a bigger impact in the world.”

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Rick B.

"Meeting and working with Sean Patrick has been a life changer for me. During my thirty years exploring the psychology of men in my work as a poet, author, and artist, I have consistently held a vision of myself moving into working directly with other men as a teacher and mentor. I've wanted to share what I've learned in a way that helps other men, but I was never able to put all of my pieces together in a coherent way, much less take action to offer it. I felt hopelessly stuck with a vision of service that I could not seem to even begin to actualize.

Working with Sean Patrick broke that logjam immediately. By the end of my first session, I had already begun to develop more clarity in terms of defining what I wanted to offer, how I wanted to focus my work, and who I was aiming to serve. Within months, my business model was defined with a fully functional web platform in place and I began to enroll clients.

I am now doing the work I first envisioned three decades ago, all as a result of Sean Patrick's expert guidance, perceptive facilitation, and generous sharing of business knowledge. Thanks to his help, I am now able to help other men as I'd always wished to do."


Obi N.

"For me, this process was all about excavating the layers of my heart so that I could transform my limitations and create a new paradigm for my life. Having the opportunity for so much to come up and out has been incredibly liberating so that I can ultimately feel fulfilled and empowered while holding a strong and sovereign presence in the world.

It is a very profound experience to dig into the deeper elements of who we have been and bring in the somatic aspect for then to become anchored in who we are so that there are these major shifts to take our life to greater and greater heights.

I feel deeply thankful to Sean Patrick for his service to my process. He has a gift in supporting people to access their vulnerability and to touch the soul of the matter.

I am very excited for how my life will come to unfold now that I am carrying such a clarity in my heart and feel able to fully live my life without allowing fearful thoughts to derail everything. It all centers around this deep love for myself so that I can let go of all the old limiting beliefs and step forward in a confident and empowered way.”