Helping Men Build

Healthy Relationships





Let’s face it… Men struggle with relationships.

Of course, this is an exaggeration, but there is a thread of truth here.

How to show-up and create healthy relationships was simply not the priority of the past generations, and so they opted to teach us the importance of things like providing financially for our family or protecting them by soldiering into wars.

While these are important and admirable pursuits, they completely miss the mark of where the new paradigm of manhood is leading us. Besides, what good is protecting or providing for a family if we don’t have the skills to create or sustain a healthy family to begin with?

If you are ready to learn how to cultivate the most profound and lasting love of your life, then you have come to the right place.

My programs are specifically designed to give you the tools, skills, and resources you need to create and sustain fulfilling relationships no matter what level of involvement you find yourself in at this moment.

I’ve helped men of many walks—from single, to serial monogamous, to married with children. These skillsets take all of the guessing out of the equation and work no matter what situation you find yourself in… And as an added bonus, they serve all other aspects of a man’s life as well.

Better Men live Better Lives!



Sean Patrick Maher is a Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, and Writer focused on the deepest levels of human transformation. His interest and studies have spanned a wide range of influence from vibrational therapies and energy healing, to emotional intelligence and relational skills, to personal empowerment and unconscious body-mind reprogramming. 

No matter where his explorations lead him, his focus is always on the wholistic healing and transformation of each person he works with. Sean Patrick compassionately supports clients to ventures courageously into their challenges inviting a deep and honest look at the conditioning that holds them back from the life and love they desire.

Sean Patrick helps men who are struggling in connection to attract and sustain healthy relationships.

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R. Maddox

"When it comes to deep coaching, Sean Patrick is the real deal. After almost a year, he continues to amaze me with his insight, intuition, and ability to illuminate my ‘blind spots’ while also having me feel safe and loved during our work together.

As a gay man, I have never felt like I belonged in my own community and have had very few gay friends. It has been a source of deep pain for almost 4 decades. With Sean Patrick’s guidance through my painful past experiences and misguided limiting beliefs, I am now not only making quality gay male friends for the first time in my life, but I’ve also begun to date for the first time in years! Words cannot express how excited I feel about this massive shift in my life!

I am experiencing true transformation through my work with Sean Patrick. He has made such an impact in my life and I am eternally grateful!"

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Rick B.

"Like many men, I find that intimate relationships bring up a conflicting and sometimes overwhelming complex of thoughts, desires, emotions, and behaviors that often cloud my ability to see the situation clearly and act in my own best interests. Getting lost in another person's needs has been a consistent experience in my life. I've had many bad outcomes in relationships over the years as a result, to the point that I had stopped trying altogether.

Working was Sean Patrick has encouraged me to get back in the game by giving me a way to explore my behaviors and attitudes in a meaningful, productive way. He not only listens, but helps me see the hidden stories in which I live and act while engaging in an intimate relationship with a woman. Seeing, acknowledging, and exploring those previously unseen stories with Sean Patrick is changing my experience with women for the better after years of feeling stuck and hopeless. His work has been truly transformative for me in an area of my life I had long considered beyond repair and I am enjoying better, healthier, more vibrant relationships with women as a result."


Obi N.

"Before working with Sean Patrick, my relationships never seemed to go the way I wanted them to go and I felt like I was wasting a lot of time and energy. Through working with Sean Patrick, I found myself becoming more grounded, heart-centered, and present which ultimately led me to have the capacity to Love more completely.

I now feel much more empowered and confident which allows me to attract more of the right kind of woman for me. I highly recommend working with Sean if you are ready to end unnecessary suffering and learn what it takes to create sustainable relationships.”